Saturday, August 30, 2008


have had trouble updating from the ham, we are in Niue and love it here. will update more about here tomorrow, they love CAnadians !! trivia question , what did Canada do for Niue in Jan 2004? answer tomorrow along with pictures
This is us anchored in Niue, sunset behind.....

Here is the update from sea Wednesday
Hello everybody,
Wow, what a great night for a night watch!! it is so calm and so-ooooooooooooo many stars!! I can see the reflection of them in the water, just amazing!! This has been the best passage yet! It's ones like this that I say I love crossing the ocean! We have very little wind right now, but the boat is motoring along great. Even when we had the wind , we were on a nice comfortable point of sail. We have figured out a good watch schedule and for the last 2 nights everyone has gotten lots of sleep. Of course with very little wave action that makes it all the better to sleep. We have one more night before we should be in Nuie. Malachi is right behind us about 10 miles - they are not so lucky as their auto pilot has quit working and they have been hand steering for the last 24 hrs. good thing that it is so calm. As soon as we anchor in Nuie Steve is going to help Jay sort that out!! That sucks to have to hand steer , especially if the weather gets rough.

It's Maya and me on watch from 2 am until 7:30 am... so you bet, I am typing this at 4 am in the morning. Auntie Sandy will appreciate the time!!

Everyone aboard is doing great, making up new games, beading and of course a ton of reading. Hey, mom remember the book I bought - "The Alchemyst- Story of Nicholas Flamel"? well big hit for Kyle, needs the next one called "The Magician" both are by Micheal Scott. just thought I'd mention it in case you could send it along with "Mary" , the lady we dropped the package of with and picked up stuff for Malachi, she and her family are flying to Tonga on the 8th of Sept. to meet up with them.

I am looking forward to Nuie, there are all kinds of limestone caves we can go and see!! And I can hardly wait to get to New Zealand! I love that place. so glad we will have 6 months there. I'm also looking forward to see Tonga, the landscape and such, however they are very conservative with their dress and we cruiser must abide by their rules. means women can not show their knees and shoulders ( oh god I think I will melt from the heat) and men must wear a shirt- no bare chests!! of course this is just on land in the towns and villages, on our boat it is different. Also absolutely NO Working on the boat on Sundays. NO Working at all on that day!!! Wish Steve luck on that one. We will have to tape playing cards to his hands I think - hahaha

well back to my beautiful stars...................

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Annette said...

Watch your step while hiking those limestone caves. You might want to go read Dorothy Maries blog before you head out ;-)





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