Friday, November 7, 2008

Orca III in Minerva Reef 23* 38.29'S 178* 5304'W

We arrived yesterday morning, everyone is well. just doing the weather thing. Which is turning out to be so very confusing. Looks like we could have just gone on as the big low that was coming , disappated and now there is supposed to be one right over us in Minerva...... and everyone who is getting weather routing from Bob McDavit has a different forcast - even though we are all going the same way!!!
We had all the boats here at Minerva over for a "marlin" feast - 8 boats a total of 19 people on board. and everyone talking weather... Steve and I even talked to Dave and Jay from O'Vive and Malachi to get there take and they said its just crazy.... the weather is changing so fast that only the 24 hr gribs are accurate after that what you get on the gribs changes even from morning to night.
This morning we will take a look at the gribs, listen on the radio net and then decide weather we will leave today or tomorrow. Right now we have lots of cloud cover, winds of about 18 knts and it looks as thought it may rain.

The potluck on board last night was a hoot...... on our check in , I told the net that those 8 boats where here. the net was a fast one last night!!
lots of good food and everyone saw the pictures of the " big catch" - just wait till you see the photos!!

Tomorrow I will have a 14yr old on board! can you believe he's 14!

Minerva Reef is very cool. It sure is strange to anchor in the middle of the ocean. the water is beautiful blue then goes bright green closer to the reef. there is supposed to be good lobstering here.... not sure if we will try to get some.

well time to go..............gotta down load the weather stuff again.

send us fair winds , light seas and no storms please. we all could use it.


Ps the boats here are
Orca III (CDN)
Dorothy Marie (US)
Elusive (US)
Warm Rain (US) from our blue water cruising club
Baraka (US)
Syren (CDN)
Sea Bright (UK) have a 6 yr old girl on board
Oddity (UK)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

On November 9, 14 years old, unbelievable!! Enjoy your day...I will mark where you spent it on Google Earth.

Loving and missing you more...

oneder said...

gerat to keep up on you folks.
sending fairwinds hope for the same. we will be leaving san fran in a few days for mexico if all goes well. check our blog sometimes.

ron, yvonne, leaf
s/v wishing star





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