Sunday, November 9, 2008

on the move again

well we leave Minerva Reef this morning ( Kyle's b'day) at about 9:30 am with The Dorothy Marie. have been sailing averaging 5 knts. nice and sunny but lots of clouds around. looks like we will have rain soon. the wind is supposed to die down over the next few days so we will likely be motoring. then the wind is forcast to pick up again. the weather has been all over the map! very hard to plan, the other boats stayed at Minerva. they will leave over the next couple of days.
We have the fishing lines out - hoping for some Albaco Tuna!! one of the boats way ahead of us caught 3! depending on the winds and weather we should be in New Zealand by the 16 at the latest. keep downloading the grib files and checking weather twice a day. we want some wind but not too much!

the seas are calm but we have swells from 2 directions. the swells are nice and long , that is good.

Kyle had the happy birthday song sung to him over the SSB by the O'vive kids and other cruisers. and then again over the VHF! it was neat! hard to believe he is 14.

here is our position 24* 05's 179* 10'w



Anonymous said...

so happy to hear you and the dorothy marie made it safely to you next short stop. Happy belated birthday Kyle. wow, 14
and having the time of your life sailing the beautiful seas.
Good Luck on the next portion of the sail.....thinking of you always
anne from calgary's a gorgeous sunny sunny day here today! warm too!

Dana said...

Hey Nephew Kyle,

Happy belated Birthday!

Sorry I am late in sending you wishes was sick in bed all weekend with no internet. But wanted to let you know I was thinking of you...stop growing up so darn fast you kids!! Aging the rest of us! lol ;) Anyway, safe travelling everyone.

Love from,
Auntie Dana
PS Kyle hug your sisters for me! :)

dannylou who said...

Happy, happy Birthday 14 year old!!!

You know...I remember when you were born, I was there among many others (don't know what your mother was thinkin"!)But what a joy you were then and have been everyday since. Love you tonnes and tonnes. Hope this year is unforgettable for you!
Take good Care of your mom for me and tell her I miss her everyday!
Hugs and Kisses to your dad and beautiful sisters too!And extra big ones for the Birthday Boy!
Missing you all,
Auntie Danny Lou & Uncle Andrew
& crew

"Country Girl" said...

What a relief to see your boat tied up, sitting peacefully at the dock! There's alot of family and friends here who've been praying for you...then again, it's the crew of Orca III - who better than you to navigate such an adventure! Congrats on your latest crossing, lovin' all the photos and look forward to 'talking' with you soon. Big hugs and happy birthdays to Kyle & Maya (okay, it's a high 5 for Kyle), have a great time settling in NZ - oh so far away, yet still so close in our hearts.
Cheers with much love, Heather & Family





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'Lil' putt putt
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