Monday, November 17, 2008

We made it to NEW ZEALAND!

Yeah! Orca III made it to NZ! We are on the quarantine dock waiting to clear customs!!We are vey happy to be here! Enjoy all the photos from Tonga to NZ. we have just been settling in . We won the biggest fish contest with the All points Rally! made it in just in time for the last event - the big dinner! Everyone happy to see us. Tomorrow is Maya's 12th birthday - Party on Orca 3
The Dorothy Marie - Glen and Sally
Dorothy Marie under spinnaker sail on her way to NZ
Orca III at Minerva Reef- we had the best potluck on her. we fed 19 people Marlin!
Dorothy Marie just ahead of us! Excellent buddy boaters!
The big Marlin we caught!! 8 ft long and 200 lbs. took all 5 of us to get it on board!
Airforce Orion! buzzed by us in Minerva Reef and took down boat info!
Orca III on her way to NZ!

Tongans own dancing queen. and they say they Tongan people are so reserved?! Not at this party! That's also the Tongan flag!

Sally ( Dorothy Marie) and Dionne dancing up a storm!
Blue Water Cruising photo op! It's a burp in Tonga. we had 6 BCA boats there!

The roast pig!! highlight of the meal
the birthday boys - Early and son (owners of big mama's) they fed all the cruisers that night for free! and through one hell of a great party! we danced all night long
Birthday boys in traditional Tongan dress!

Steve and Glenn playing with the band at the birthday bash Big Mama's!!
Fueling up in Nuku Alofa! not the fastest way!! we took on 800 lts - 600 inside and 200 in jerry cans on the deck. only 3 jerry cans for us , the rest for other cruisers!

Our Miss Maya! she went all out even in the rain!
Halloween in Nuku Alofa Tongatapu at Big Mama's! cruising kids having fun! it poured rain like crazy that night!!
the water was so clear, warm and great snorkeling! sandy beaches too!
the 3 tremblay kids - so what a life they live!
these are not birds! fruit bats ( aka flying foxes) everywhere !

Ha Ano Ha' Pai group of Tonga! look closely .. that's our boat way out there


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy 12th Birthday, Maya Papaya!!! That photo of you all dressed up suits your look beautiful! I hope you have lots of fun and enjoy your day, missing you sooooo much, take care.

Love Always,

RoShamBo said...

Congratulations everyone! Haven't posted in a while, but have been faithfully following (jealously) your trip.

Great photo of the marlin - Kyle looks like a real teenager!

Happy birthday Maya!

We miss you guys a lot and can't wait for you to get back to the marina.

Tim, Heather, Lucas & Aidan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another big crossing! It must feel really good to be in NZ now.

A big happy birthday to Maya, I'm sure it will be a birthday to remember.

Thanks for all the fabulous photos; that marlin looks amazing! Pierre and I were wondering how you managed to get it on board, so quite the impressive job.


dannylou who said...

Happy happy Birthday, Miss Lovely Maya!!!
Hoping this year is as fantastic as you are, Sweetie!
Been missing and loving you everyday...and now we have the lovely baby here.
Can't wait for you all to meet her.
Brielle Ameleigh Anne Farrell...she is so wee tiny, and I am a happy Grandma to the 2nd power!!!
Big hugs and sloppy kisses to the whole family!! Have fun in New Zealand!XOXOX
Love, Auntie DannyLou & Uncle Andrew & crew

Country Girl said...

What a relief to see your boat tied up and sitting peacefully at the dock! There's alot of family and friends back here who've been praying for you...then again, its the crew of Orca III - who better than you to navigate such an adventure! Congrats on your latest crossing, lovin' all the photos and look forward to 'talking' with you soon. Big hugs and happy birthdays to Kyle & Maya (okay, it's a high 5 for Kyle), have a great time in NZ - oh so far away yet still so close in our hearts.
Cheers with much love, Heather & Family





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