Wednesday, November 12, 2008

orca III still sailing

good morning everyone!

haven't updated cause not much is different. we are now about 62 hours out of Opua New Zealand and getting excited! we have been motor sailing for 3 days straight! not a lot of wind, would like 15knts to help us along. the grib files don't show any until maybe Friday for us. The seas are very calm because of no wind so that is nice. OUr friends on O'Vive and Malachi are waiting for us there and have rented a van to share with us. they are all ready to give us the grand tour once we are there. that
is so good. we will do a birthday party for both Maya and Kyle on Maya's birthday Nov. 19 - this will be fun!!

Everyone is doing great, because it's been calm a lot of movies have been watched. Books and gameboy lots of too! and the kids have been listening to a lot of their music. And everyone has been sleeping a lot to make up for the watches ( that's when we have been watching a lot of movies!) love that lap top. It has been getting chiller and chillier as we get further south. all our other cruiser buddies who are in Opua are wearing pants and jackets again. apparently no one is recognizing each other
cause we are used to less clothing on. I think that is funny! hope my pants still fit me! it's been so long , not even sure where they are, and Maya has outgrown everything! need to take her shopping asap!! Emma gets all of Mayas handme downs so she is fine for now. Kyle only needs a couple of pairs of pants, gave all the black tee shirts that were Freddie's to Kyle. so he is fine in the shirt department and he can use some of STeve's sweatshirts. Haven't bought clothes for so long this will be
a exciting shopping trip.

Well, time to do the morning net. All of our other cruisers have left as of yesterday........our MInerva Reef club and the rest in Tonga.... there's about 20 boats still out here behind us. Orca III is the head of this pack. must sign off for now ..

Orca III position as of 2022 utc Nov 13 is 30* 32.4' s 177* 33.1' E cog 214T speed is 5.5knts

take care and big hugs!
Dionne, Steve, Kyle, Maya and Emma

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