Sunday, December 7, 2008

Still inTutukaka

Love that name , maybe that's why we are still here?! haha
Steve has been working away , touching up the rust stops , boy the boat looks good! It's amazing how offshore sailing takes a beating on the boat! But she is pretty again!!, just need to do the deck and bottom. Unfortunately, we can't get the deck paint here so will have to wait until we get home.

We will be leaving the dock to anchor for the night and then head to Great Barrier Island . Its supposed to be beautiful !! have had 3 cruising boat there already aand they can't say enough about the place . Just wait and see.

We went to a festival the other day and Kyle and Maya played with all the cool circus stuff - This was a father and daughter juggling act! The girl was excellent!!Trivia question # 1 (again since its been so long!) What is Steve making? Big Prize for answer..creativity counts too!


Karen said...

He's decided that the blankets are to worn and he's weaving new ones. These are the tassles for the ends to make it more exciting. Am I close?

Mike & Lynne Gritten said...

I think that Steve is making Baggywrinkles! They harken back to the Age of Sail. Made from pieces of rope, they keep the sails from chafing against the standing rigging wires (to which they're attached). They look kind of like cotton candy when they are finished!

Mike & Lynne Gritten
Vancouver, BC

dannylou who said...


Don't tell me we're back to those baggy wrinkles!!!

I think he is carefully weaving his snowy white beard, readying himself for his "world"wind trip in 15 days!! In his sleigh (disguised as a sailboat)with his little elves all scurrying about. Trying to fool us all with their circus playing...if you look really close, i think you'll notice the toys that they're making. You're not kidding us, we know it's true, Christmas is happening with the Tremblay crew!!

Does that work for creativity??...I want a big prize!

Loving you,
Dannylou & Andrew

Anonymous said...

I gotta kid or not...she deserves extra points for creativity!

Runs rampant in the family, you know!

Guess Who?

Ronald Tremblay said...

baggy winkles





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
Christmas at Snug Cove