Monday, January 19, 2009

back in Auckland again.........................

We headed back to Auckland for Paige's 11th Birthday! we took a spot right on the Viaduct downtown Auckland beside the Maritime Museum! very cool to be in the heart of the city. We had Micheal and Tash come for dinner and what a great time we had , they are great people!!! this is Neall's youngest brother. We are sure getting to know the MacLeod clan! good bunch!Tash, Micheal,Emma, Kyle, Paige, and Maya - having a jolly good time!

Orca III at the Hobson Marina on the Viaduct Auckland City Center!

It was great getting together with New Paige again. the kids had a blast ice skating! yep, you heard it all that talk of snow made us home sick so off they went. The kids were so happy they remembered how to skate. "the skating bunch!!"

Before the skating we went off to the Victoria Market.... that was cool, the kids and Paige had lots of fun in the park.see the skytower in the background! this was a cool park!
popcorn machine at the skate rink, never seen this before, just put your money in , it pops the corn a voila - you have hot popcorn! oh so fun!

We are now getting ready for our road trip to the South Island!! this will be a good time. we hope to meet up with O'Vive for one last goodbye! and also ..more MacLeod's - this time mom and dad . they are down in Timoru. off we go landing (?) tee hee


emilie said...

well u guys aren't on skype yet so i decided to look at ur blog. looks like ur having fun! kyles smiling in pictures! yay! well, most of them. cant wait to hopefully see u guys, emilie

Dana said...

Well it is a blog entry from me!! Sorry I haven't been able to do this for busy at work etc.
I had little "Mikey" staying with me for 3 weeks so have been busy entertaining. Remember him? We had dinner at Mom's DAnielle's and Auntie Ila's. Had to keep travelling in the snow to get to their places....thank god most all snow is gone now except for Port Moody..they still have lots sticking around. I am leaving for Vegas again on Feruary 5th...this time spending 3 days there with Auntie Ila, Auntie Sandy and Marge...they will go with me Thurs night and stay til Sunday then I will start the work trip thing from Sunday til Wednesday and then return home. Looks like I won't be going to the show in March so one less trip to hearing your stories keep them up! Kyle, Maya, Emma and Steve...stop gowing so old!!! You make me feel that much older!! Just teasing all look fabulous! Miss you all so much...take care for now.

All my love.
Auntie/Sister Dana





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'Lil' putt putt
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