Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coromandel fun continues

Sunset with Orca III - waht a beautiful way to come home!!
we have been having a great time at the MacLeod farm! the kids get along great ! lots of horseriding and today they all were rounding up the calves. Doing a little harness training. thats getting the calves used to wearing a harness. hard work!!
Okay now we got one!! is that on okay?
My lovely children, oh how big they are getting. they are in the paddock, after chasing cows
Steve and Bryon after a hard afternoon getting the calves. they had a good time
then we were off to the water works place. lots of things powered by water and just a big playground! Steve tried the flying fox ride , when he pulled the brake he nearly flew himself! it was so funny! so the rule became don't touch the brake!! there are tires at the end to stop you.

then we played in the river and headed off to a great barbeque . late night as we had to wait for the tide to be high - it was 9:30pm before we dingied back to the big boat.this river is so warm!!Isn't this the truth!! love this sculpture

Maya and Emma also got to make leather bracelets at the leather store - Lesly with the cool sewing machine taught them. they had so much fun, even got to use the leather punches to make designs.figures, eh!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos...but the best, by far, is the one you took of yourself which has that oh so "I am taking this of myself" look!!!!

Loving you all always (unfortunately at a distance!!)

Mom (in-law) & GMa





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'Lil' putt putt
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