Monday, January 12, 2009

Coromandel day 2 paddling our own canoe?

Well we finally got off the boat after me updating everything and skyping a few people!! I have both computers working great now! never thought I'd be doing so much with computers, not sure if I really like either, but it is done!
We dingyed in, almost missed the tide. On the way the outboard acted up again and Steve had to pull apart the carborator to get the water out. drifting in the middle of the big harbour with the tide going out, oh so fun. Steve was trying to be a millionaire, still working on getting his engine to run on water. Unsuccessful attempt again, but I'm sure he will continue !!!!

Kyle had to keep testing the water to see the depth, we actually hit bottom for a moment
Nice docking , eh? yep they really tie up here and wait for the tide. We could bring Orca III in on a high tide ,but know where to keep her when the tide went out. Kinda like going between Kuper and Thetis Islands boat passage!

dingy parking 101, leash and all. by the way , the locals love our wheels, they don't have them here. Have been asked more than a few times where to get them!

Once we got up the river to the township we were stranded on land until the next high tide! So off we went to explore the town ( small!) Steve's good friend Neall's, brother lives here and we gave him a call. Turns out he is the town doctor..... We had stopped into Lesly's Leather Shop to ask what number we have to use to dial with our cell to land ( still learning all of this you know) and we had a great time yacking with her. She has the coolest painted sewing machine! Annette you'd love thisWe saw Bryan and went off to his place. Nice place with lots of trees and horses . Emma was thrilled . She went for a ride bareback. Talk about a kid in her glory! Kyle and Maya had a blast jummping on the trampoline and then Kyle and Matt ( Bryan's son, same age and same interests) played some war killing playstation game.
Emma on horse riding bareback. What type of horse is this? (trivia again!)
Off we went to see the Kauri Grove - they are big and beautiful!
Bryan MacLeod and his kids with the Tremblay bunch- Big Kauris in the background, on our way see them close up.Here we are! appears the kauris make the young boys goofy! must be the leaves
These are the Siamese Kauris! makes for a real real big base!Look up ,look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up! cool, eh?! More kauris, love those trees

We hiked to a waterfall with a swimming hole. The kids jumped in and had a blast. the water was cold ( compared to Tonga) but warmer than BC rivers! Next stop ICE CREAM! at the water works place. we only got a glimps but way cool. check out the water wheel -look closely at what is used to catch the water.Steve watching the kids play !
Way to much fun going on! that big splash is Maya,just missed her.Back to the farm and the kids played some more. Kyle ended up staying the night, the rest of us dingyed back to Orca III - a great day , more today.


Annette said...

Great sewing machine!

Karen said...

Not only the coolest sewing machine (I should get me one ah doze), looks like one of them there palimino arab cross type hoss.

Karen C

dannylou who said...

I think thew horse is a Palomino.
How come no one else answered??





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'Lil' putt putt
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