Sunday, January 4, 2009

Road trip to Rotorua , Agredome and the Waip -O-Tapu geothermal park!

here is a start to our trip, I have a lot of pictures to load and the internet is being slow, we had a fun 3 last days with O'Vive and Malachi. O'vive will be going back to Florida end of January. and they are off touring the rest of New Zealand until then, so we won't be seen them again. Very sad especially for Kyle and Emilie....... Malachi, we may see again here, and back in Canada.
We shared a house for 3 days, and had a good time!! boy we did a lot of stuff.

Enjoy these photos of our road trip - to be continued ..................

in front of " Champange Pool" very stinky and warm here! smells like sulphur, cause it's everywhere!
this is algae on the trees, only its brown from all the thermal activity
Champange pool from a distance, look at all that steam!! this is a don't touch spot!

lots of craters everywhere! here she is the Lady Knox gyser and she shoots about 20 meters! this was way cool, the parks people help it go off at a regular time ( 10:15 am) by adding plain old soap - this was discovered by some prisoners who had planted all the trees here. they new the water was warm and decided to wash their clothes with soap and bomb she exploded !! the surface water is cold and the bottom water is hot, the soap helps to displace the water so it can release. the gyser goes off naturally every 12-36 hrs , thats why the parks people help it along , so we can see it. otherwise,its a hit and miss thing. very cool!
the next day , we tremblays set off to the geothermal area- here the kids are in front of the Lady Knox Gyser..... it goes off soon!
the sheep show! they showed us all these different types of sheep and even sheared one for us ! we were amazed at how many different sheep there are !! some of them have the longest hair. after they brought out the sheep dogs and did a show with them hearding ducks!! very well done. the dogs can even jump on the backs of the sheep and sit there. ( my picture didn't turn out but will find one to put in here) we loved this show!
steve and the baby lambs! they were so very cute!! I think they like him!
nice one of me, eh!? we had fun on the farm tour after we went to a sheep show!
this one is for you mom, The Ram! lots of animals here and the kids had a blast feeding them all
Emma feeding all the animals at the Agredome..
Maya is picking a kiwi off of the vine.... cool never new they grew this way, thought it was a tree
our chariot for touring the farm. getting close to the last day for the kids to hang out.
in the wool shop, there was a wool machine over 100 years old! and they still use it! they ran it to show us how it makes the wool stretched and thinned. really cool.

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