Monday, January 5, 2009

More Rotorua

here are the continuation of the road trip to Rotorua. Here's more of the Geothermal Park. We stopped in the town center before heading back to the house at a bar - Pig and Whistle. Steve's friend Neall knows the owner but unfortuneatly he was not in that day. Cool bar though.
the last group photo!! right out front of the bar Natali has the one with me in it.

On the Sunday we all went up Mt Ngongotaha via the gondola to "Luge"! and boy was that fun!! we need one of those at home. This one was the first built in the world - its a gravity ride on a 3 wheel cart using a unique breaking and steering system. (pull back the handle bars to stop! - ) We all had blast and will do this thing again! Gorgeous view of Lake Rotorua from the top also.
After that it was our final lunch together, lots of tears and hugs - especially for Emilie ( Kyle just goes very quiet), Nathalie, Maya, and me. then we were off ...... hope to see O'Vive again some day. It was a great way to end our cruising time together. I miss them already
the tremblay family "LUGERS"

go Maya go! she had a blast and is a good Luger
Steve and I took turn with Emma with us then she went on her own, ever rode the chairlift up by herself! Kyle was the racing King although I almost passed him once. I surprised Dave with the speed I would go! Would have won, but didn't want to bump into Jocelyn. Steve, Dave, Jay, Kyle and myself were all racing! too fun!!!Jay's mom gave all the kids the " official Luger Certificate -"SPEED DEMON" they all had a great time.
by by boys!

Orca III stopped at a Kiwi Encounter and really enjoyed learning all about the kiwi, and seeing them live in their own habitat. The kiwi encounter is a rehabilitation and rescue place. The kiwi is struggling out there as introduced animals like the stout and possum are destroying the eggs and babies. by the way did you know the kiwi is from the same family as the ostrich and emu? wow , eh! also that the kiwi lays the largest egg in porportion to its body. almost the size of an ostrich egg. half the size of its own body!! very amazing!

At the end of the thermal walk - it takes about 2 hrs to walk the whole park!
this is called Oyster Pool - a natural sulphurous pool! looks like and oyster,hence the name
Devils Bath! a large ruggedly edged crater. its natural water colour is the result of excess water from the Champagne pool mixing with sulphur and ferrus salts. its changes colour through green to yellow with the amout of reflected light and cloud cover.
this is the edge of the Champagne pool (see picuters in previous posting) which is the largest spring in the district. the bubbles are due to carbon dioxide. The pool was formed 700 years ago by a hydorthermal eruption. minerals contained in the water are gold, silver, mercury , suphur ,arsenic ( tried to get some but no go - haha) thallium, antimony.
the boiling mud! this is really cool, actually its hot, just ask Kyle cause he had some of the mud shoot up and land on his leg! its boiling all over the place......... making new little mud islands everywhere. we really liked this part the best!

this one got Kyle!
this is the house we shared for the 3 days. very big and lots of room. they even had 2 peacocks in a pen. Emma loved to go out there to see them. she has a few feathers also. that is Emma and Nathalie with Jay's mom ( Laura by the car) getting ready to go to the luge!

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