Monday, January 5, 2009

Rotorua continues some more

Kyle and Emilie , "last night together" they are a good match. Here are a few more photos, got these from Nathalie - the kids lucked out in the house - it had 7 beds in one room, so they had a camp like sleep over. Kyle, Maya and Emma got the bunkbeds and loved it.this is by the lake where we stayed , just thought it was so pretty!

Once we got back to the marina , our kids went and found their new friends - the ones 2 posts ago...... they hung out playing all kinds of games on the grass field and were outside until 10:30 pm! The next day ( yesterday) the kids came down again and off they all went to have some fun. There is even a little girl named Mia ( she's 6) who Emma played barbies with all afternoon.

Later on we left to go to New Paiges for dinner and the kids played with Paige. we had a fantastic dinner there and left at 11:30pm!! that was a late night for us! today have been updating everything - as we leave tomorrow off the dock and head to anchor in the Coromandel area. hoping to have internet but not sure. I have been lucky so far and trust I will find internet again.Maya on her bed! she even went and picked flowers to have beside her on the end table- she is reading the 2nd book of the Twilight Series " New Moon" she desperately wants the next ones. she loves the series even more than Tamora Pierce ones. She went to see the movie "Twilight" with Paige just after Christmas

Oh our Emma, she is such a ham. She got the top bunk! Nathalie was so good at getting these photos. See the room layout. such a treat to have all the beds in the same room- Kyle and Emilie are on the top bunk , Alex in the far back , Jocelyn in front of him and Jenny in the very front. Emilie had the bottom bunk under Kyle.
and the other side. Maya and Emma in the bunks. The basement sure had a musty damp smell, we never have that on our boat. Their was even a kitchenette for the kids just around the corner. they made and drank lots of tea and even took their meals down there - just like camp!Aren't they a cute couple! First love is always remembered. Emilie is sweet heart!
We saw 2 of these black swans , I just love them
the cool 4 some! These guys get along so well! this was at the sheep show just before it started
one of the many types of sheep in New Zealand. funny looking , eh?!and here is the sheep shearer, boy was he fast!

such a farmer am I ., had a good time feeding the animals.this is the wool machine , making it all together. reminds me of a spider web

Well that's the end of a chapter. we leave tomorrow for the Coromandell - all by ourselves, such a change. we will meet up with Dorothy Marie in the near future. and who knows what lies ahead .................................. I am filled with emotion as I look at the pictures of the last couple of days, Change is eminent . This goodbye was as big as the goodbyes on our dock in Spruce Harbour. An inspiration to head to Florida one day once we are back. They are good people.
so strange to have all the cruisers spread out. Most of them are in Whangerai. we should meet up with some of them again. Others have gone home for 6 months - lots of goodbyes.

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'Lil' putt putt
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