Thursday, February 26, 2009

Claphams Clock Museum - Good "Time"

We sure enjoyed this museum! lots and lots of different clocks and time pieces. some really old!
We learned a lot and they even had old music box and playing machines. The clocks from Germany where really beautifully carved!
We have been doing all kinds of projects , getting ready to do the next 3 big crossings before home. Have been selling and giving lots of things away , to help make room for all the food ect. Greame ( our nephew) is coming with us from NZ to Hawaii and we are looking forward to having him on board. I know he will enjoy it!! Sure glad he is able to come as he has put so much work into Orca III , helping us a ton before we left! She is a great boat!!!!
The kids have grown lots, Emma is the only one shorter than me ( not for longer , either) and Kyle is almost as tall as Steve! They do grow fast!! Time is going by so fast!!
I have been struggling the last day and half, my computer has been acting up , firefox web browser which has been my main browser for the last oh, 2 years , suddenly stopped working and I can't get it to open!! It has been causing my great grief, I have done everything - uninstall, delete temp file, profile files ect. just like I was told to do, then re- luck!! I am using internet explorer and having to get used to its set up. never mind that all my bookmarked sites are in firefox, any ideas? Oh well, enough complaining - see its not all playing , we get frustrated here.
Today - which is our Friday, your Thursday is looking like rain......... they have been calling for it all week, and we've been lucky with sun , but today not looking so lucky. I don't mind its been so hot its nice to have it a little cooler for a change. Our plan today is to go and walk the Kauri Tree canopy walk. I will take lots of photos.
We had a nice dinner with fellow cruisers, Tin Soldier and Meridian last night. One thing for sure a lot of socializing goes on here! But everyone is getting ready to leave NZ - March 20 is the earliest one is going - Candine , canadian boat out of Victoria - he is heading home, we will probably see him in Hawaii as we are each going a different way until Hawaii. Lots of cruiseres are continuing on to Fiji and out for another year or 2 . So we have some good byes yet to do.....

Trivia - what is this called? hint it was used at sea long long time ago for telling the time.


Karen said...

Cool clocks. Kiya has an answer "chronometer". Hope that's it. For her prize she would like to learn how to make the bead purses. Not too much to ask is it?

Hugs for ya: Karen C

Anonymous said...
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'Lil' putt putt
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