Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just another day in Whangerei!

I spent the morning doing laundry, hanging it all over the boat to dry. I have gone back to this as it is way cheaper ( the dryers suck here and the cruising kitty is rather low!) . the clothes dry in a couple of hours and smell so fresh!
and the kids built their own abucus! I gave them a printed instruction sheet , but Kyle didn't like it and wanted it bigger so they could count to a trillion! so this is what they designed themselves , not bad , eh?!

After that we went for a hike at the Whangerei falls. We took the bus with the Meridian troup and Chris from Candine to the falls and then walked home. The bus was cool , check out the GPS screen they have . It also tells you the weather and show different angles in the bus to see all the people. There are 2 screens and one up fron for the driver. We liked it! these are the Whangerei Falls , a very nice walk to the bottom if them
It was quite the long walk took us about 2 hrs to get home from the falls all along the Hatea River. There is a canopy walk through the Kauri trees which we will go back to ! We loved all the great trees and birds and even came across some horses. the girls loved this! at the end we treated ourselves to ice cream!
the Hatea River from the falls
Us ! finally a picture of us together , not very often we get one of these!!
on the way home we saw this man carving a maori carving with a chainsaw right in his back yard


emilie said...

just like kyle, he has to make everything bigger and better. has to make the abuscus count to a trillion! we went skiing today but the snow was so thick and sticky that i fell on my face and lost my ski! not to mention all the times i fell on my butt. ur hike sounds fun, have fun in nz for me. i miss everyone so much, emilie

John A, eh? said...

We're still loving your blog you guys - what an amazing trip you're having. Looks like the kids have all grown 6" since you left.





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'Lil' putt putt
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