Saturday, March 7, 2009

just another day in Whangerei!!

Beads made by Dionne!! Can you tell I love blue?

We are doing all kinds of projects! getting the boat ready to set sail again. We have sold our kyack , the kids here are cleaning it. Steve is fixing up the sailing dingy and finishing up Orca III projects. We have been cleaning out every nook and cranny making room for all the food for the next couple of crossings. I am stocking up with as much as I can to avoid buying anything except fresh stuff in French Polynesia. also making room for Graeme! Along with that I have been making my own glass beads! I love it and Steve has already got a plan in mind for making me a studio once we get home! Kyle and Maya have been doing glass fusion - lots of fun!!

scrub scrub a dub dub! They are happily cleaning cause they make some money when its sold!

at the dock in Town Basin Marina - Whangerei Northland New Zealand

building away!! she is looking good, Maya is will be painting the name on it - wait and seeMaya loved the glass fusion class! she is very creative!
Kyle finishing up the final touches with a lesson from the teacher. He also is creative! But he wants to do glass blowing.

Annie Rose glass bead studio! this is where I create!

Maya's creation! ready to go into the kiln.

Oh I forgot to mention on the last post!! way to go Karen and her daughter Kiya, for getting the answer right - the chronometer is the thing it was!! they used that at sea many many years ago!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love those pictures of everybody working...makes me feel good to know that I will be cared for by such an industrious lot in my old age...which is fast approaching!!

Don't think I need to sign know who I am!!






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'Lil' putt putt
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