Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Waipoua Kauri forest!!!

Now here's where we see the Kauri trees!! oh my there were so many, and the big ones, the pictures don't do it justice! read the signs , see the girth ( circumference ) the two biggies what a sight to see!!
We borrowed Meridians car and drove the 1.5 hrs just to see the forest! at one time they were all over the north island but got logged and gummed to almost extinction. Now they are protected and not allowed to be cut down , all the Kauri that is used for making carvings and such are from the swamp . they dig it up from the swamp lands , and are dated to 4,500 yrs old!! Love those trees

and off we go to find our tree.............

FACT Kauri forest once covered a million hectares of the north. Now only 7455 hectares of mature forest remain!

We left Tane Mahuta and went to see the four sisters , and the father of the forest, along the way we saw many many giant trees. here Maya touches the bark..................
The forest brings out the best of Steve! Taken by Emma while we admired the 4 sisters
FACT waipoua forest is the largest remaining kauri forest in the world

just sitting on a kauri log having a good time - don't ya think?
The four sisters! We had a lovely walk through the forest full of Kauri trees
FACT ; Ancestors of the Kauri first appeared in the Jurassic Period 190-135 million years ago. Kauri forests are among the most ancient in the world.

Steve and the kids - this was quite the sight to see coming around the corner!! pictures do not do it justice!! this is one wide wide tree!

Dionne and her trees, this one isn't even big compared to Te Matua Ngahere or Tane Manuta Yep the tree hugger!!
And this man is Rick Taylor, he takes swamp kauri and turns it into beautiful bowls and fancy containers. He gave the kids a demo and in 40 minutes had made a bowl, almost ready to sell. a few more steps to go! Kept quizzing the kids and giving them prizes. they each got their own Kauri gum! It was fun to hang out in his shop. He even explained how they get the swamp kauri, showed a video and explained the different types of grains of wood. and colour. The golden fiddle back grain is from the stump and the green kauri is from the top of the tree. This is his shop!

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Somehow I find it quite believable that you are a former employee of the Ministry of Forests...I wonder why that is????

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