Monday, April 13, 2009

orca 3 sailing along just great!!

Hey everyone!
we are having a great sail! doing between 5-6 knots , very little swell - hoping we get this the whole way ! Malachi and us are within sight of each other, they being just ahead as we drifted while Steve fixed a leak in the steering pump. We have caught 6 albacore tuna ( smallies) in the morning, one had its tail eaten off so we through him back . we gave 2 to Malachi , this morning , and that was fun- pulling up to their boat and throwing a rope with fish tied to the end to them!! they were very
happy to get that . then as we were eating our nice bbqed tuna for lunch we caught 2 more but threw them back, they were small and we still have fish! Its a good thing we have a lot of fish,we gotta keep that Graeme boy full!

we also had over 20 dolphins swimming around our boat! way cool- Graeme took some video of that, they were swimming so fast!! Not sure if I mentioned this but we also have 2 stowaways! 2 little chickadee birdies ( definitely land birds not sea) we thought they flew away yesterday, but we saw them again and we are know out of sight of land! I hope they will be okay!!

other than me having a stuffed nose and I keep sneezing all are well, Kyle is also under the weather a little, and it looks like we have a good watch system set up. At least it worked for last night - we will keep it going until it doesn't work. so far so good.

our position currently at 0112 utc is 37* 16'S 179* 26'E

cheers for now

the crew of orca III all 6 of us!!

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The Krstic's said...

Ahoy, Orca crew!! How time flies!! Glad to see you are all well and Happy! Steve - guess who I ran into today????? Ralph Zabarsky!!! Too funny!! aven't seen him since the Garage Days - was shopping at Safeway in New west and around the corner he came!! He now owns 9 antique race cars and spends most of his time on the circuit! His son i racing with him and his daughter is in the process of getting her licence to race! he sends his best wishes!
I miss you tonnes!
Love Rebecca





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'Lil' putt putt
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