Thursday, April 16, 2009

update from orca 3

April 14,2009
still sailing! had the wind come up and the waves to last night, so we were reefing in everything ! no one slept well,the boat jaring around so much, the sea was like a washing machine! We were sailing so fast we not only caught up to Malachi ( they were just over 4 miles ahead) we passed them. we are all battling sore throats and stuffed noses - I have both and its not fun! Malachi also has been doing the same and they didn't sleep well last night either. the wind has died way down and we are slowly sailing along. we caught another albacore - in the freezer it goes, now we want mahi mahi.
Everyone has been catching up on sleep today.............. not much else going on



April 16,2009
Hey all,
Orca III and Malachi have chosen to heave-to, hove-to ( whatever its called)
our current position is 41* 03.49 S 174* 09.12 W
we are waiting for this system north of us to pass and don't want to go any further south! besides we all need a rest! the wind has been anywhere from 18-27 knots ( with it mostly being 25-27 and the odd 30 gust) big seas - we had a wave hit us that had stacked up and when it hit our canvas window door, ripped the canvas window part and bent the stainless frame. so we have some sewing to do and some bending back. thankfully , nothing else was damaged. sure soaked the cockpit though!! I even had salt water come through my solar vent in the galley, first time for that as well.

we are still out here with Malachi ( usually in visual but at the moment not - big seas and we are hove-to on the opposite tack so we don't run into each other) and Candine who is slightly more south than us. But they figure they will be in our area tomorrow. we talk on the ham and ssb and with Malachi on VHF - nice to feel not alone! lots of gribs being downloaded and weather discussions on the radio - not as bad as the weather chats in Tonga !!!!

We have been hove-to since 12 noon and will stay this way until 4pm for sure and maybe even over night, we will be talking about that at the 0400 UTC check in.

Everyone on board is doing well, colds seem to be getting better - have been eating lots of soup and ichiban noodles - tonight : homemade stew!! ( Glen and Marylin remember that - I froze some just for this occassion)

Kyle is re reading everything - he finished the twighlight seriers in 2.5 days!! Just can't keep enough books around! Maya also has read all the new books she bought and is starting on re reading the Twighlight series cause she can read them one after the other without having to wait! She helps alot with the galley stuff and is like me , so sea sicky! Poor miss Emma , everytime she get sick! But she is a good sport about it! Emma has been reading the archie comics
( both Kyle and Maya already finished those!) and is doing well with that. Graeme is adjusting to sea life ( silly boy says bring on the wind - ya thanks buddy! cause we got some!) he has only felt seasick once but didn't actually get sick, he too has been fighting of a cold. He is learning lots about sailing, the weather, and we even had him use the VHF -
Graeme also had the fun experience making coffee and a wave coming , over the coffee, wet beans and all, all over the counter and into mu fridge - this happened on his night watch, oh the fun at sea we have.

Steve and I both have been struggling with a cold otherwise are doing well,
Have just been informed that Graeme and Emma are craving nachos! ya, like I'm gonna cook that in this weather! oh, look Emma found the candy canes - this is what she wants now.
well time to sign off, take care


Anonymous said...

Hang in there you guys .... it will get better .
Cheers Jacquie and Wesley

Anonymous said...

We are thinking about you here in Whangarei. Keep on chuggin'

Free Spirit





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'Lil' putt putt
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