Saturday, May 30, 2009

just sailing along............(actual date May 26)

having a nice light wind sail for the last few days. seas are very small and calm and we have been able to leave all the hatches open! need to its so HOT!- Malachi is still with us just slightly ahead about 1-2 miles. we have been lucky fishermen yesterday and today. caught some kind of sailfish yesterday, very blue - we think either a pacific sailfish or a very young blue marlin, it has a very pointy mouth but no long bill. He was 4 feet long, and very very blue! very pretty and today we caught a mahi mahi! they are so pretty too, blue, green, gold - it was jumping out of the water! so today we eat mahi mahi!

have had some rain today and two beautiful rainbows! its cloudy and cooler - nice for a change! well not much else to say, me and the kids are reading lots, Graeme listening to his music, Steve just hanging out. his mp3 player that got wet and he fixed has kicked the bucket! so we will be looking for something for him in Hawaii cause he loves his music. thats it for now, this is a much much better passage! i like this kind -

until next time this is Orca III CFG7565 standing on the side

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Anonymous said...

Hey we are hopin and praying you and Malachi have smoother seas on the rest of your journey to Hilo. Thanks for the updates. I've been waiting for Marg to post, but it looks like you are able to beat her to the punch. Helps us here on land to know you are all okay.
Enjoy all that fish. Sounds awesome.
We have been tjoroughly enjoying all of your travels. Hmmm, wish my family had sailorlegs....oh well. An incredible way to see the world.
Take care.
The Struks
Belcarra BC say hi to Marg. She doesnt allow anonymous posts and I can never remember my blogger sign





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'Lil' putt putt
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