Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sailijng the big sea and land ho! Tubuai

here are some photos , have fun! enjoy and we will see you soon!

here we are!


one of the many stops we did on the bike

bike ride time. this man let us use them for free cause we came to their island by boat!

cheese !

the women and girls - fun on the motu

the men at the motu - white sandy beach!

on land! after 23 days - Malachi and Orca III

Emma found a swing and that's our boat way in the background - Tubuai - Australs, lovely Island ! we loved it here, not a lot of cruisers come here so we were the talk of the island!

what a beautiful flower! not sure what it is.....but I love it

one of the many sites along the way still in Tubuai

another beautiful flower, look at all the green !

Orca III, Malachi and Candine. - rush hour in Tubuai! we all arrived at the same time

yeah we are on land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tubuai Australs French Polyensia South Pacific Ocean

watching Pirates of the Carribean out at sea!!

the crew of orca III before all the storms!

here's our rip from the big waves! nice eh?!

sunrise in the morning after we threw Malachi some tuna! this was a great day of saililng!

here ! catch! - we sure had enjoyed travelling with them, we did this fish throwing 2 times! not really a normal sea crossing

our little bird friends that were with us for a few days. sadly one landed in the water one to many times and didn't make it. Poor Emma was so upset! we almost convinced Steve to turn the boat around and do a man over board , but there was no way to save him. his friend we saw one more time and then he/she never came back.....

at sea, sunrise! taken by Malachi

orca III at the end of the rainbow, no gold


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter!!

Hope your day is as special as you!

Missing and loving you more...


Graeme's Mom... said...

Finally on land for awhile...you all look so relieved! My dear son Graeme, you look great - seeing your pic brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you but sure miss you - that's a Mother's perogative! Love your beard - looks like the one Kevin has with alot of the "Thomson Red" - ah, the feisty scotch side, yahoo!!!
Lots of birthday hugs to you Dionne - let's have our birthday dinner when you get home.
Kyle, Maya & Emma - you are all getting so big - my God!
Steve, you're a great Captain and doing a fine job taking care of your crew!
Big hugs to you all, sure hope we get to see you in Hawaii next month - ALOHA (I'm practising)
Much love with lots of hugs,

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Big Sister!Miss you all so much!! Not heading to Mexico until June 25th. I meant to leave this for you before but got busy at work...was thinking of you though!!
All My Love to you all,Dana





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'Lil' putt putt
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