Sunday, June 14, 2009

fun at sea on our way to Hawaii

Its hot out, so Emma is playing in the bucket, she is such a ham!! things we do at sea!
we shared with Malachi! gave them half of the yellow fin, we did this a few times on this trip. poor Graeme thinks this must be the norm, oh so not true!!!

I mean look at those steaks! this guy was huge!!!

Fish On again!!!!!!!! right as we dropped the shark in , this big around 70lbs yellow fin tuna!!

next day - Fish ON!!!! ooh my a shark, look at him - he went back!!
a Mahi Mahi!! this was fish #2 that day, these are really pretty fish, mate for life and turn grey when they die. very sad to see but taste delisious!

just look at how calm the ocean can be! one of our motoring days on route to Hawaii!
sunset at sea !
the treasure of gold at the end of the rainbow! malachi took this of us in Moorea! a once in a life time shot...............

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Anonymous said...

Those are the most beautiful photos...they take your breath away!!
To see the ocean so calm and the rainbow ending on Orca3 (where are you hiding that pot of gold???)...thanks for sharing!

Loving and missing you more!!

Mom (in-law) & GMa





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'Lil' putt putt
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