Sunday, June 14, 2009

volcano time in Hawaii!!

Orca III and Malachi in Hilo at the wharf! this is the industrial area here and we have to be escorted of everytime we want to leave the area....
this is the crater at Mauna Loa observatory. that is lava you see!! very cool
and here we are at the lava tunnel! this is really neat. it is about 200 years old

its amazing that plants will grow in anything! these are all over the lava
lava diggers! Everone wants some , this is the lava flow from 1974, very neat

Maya picking some pretty lava. We got some that is very sparkly
heres where the lava hit the road, thats us in our car! tee hee
Isn't Graeme so strong!!

on top of "old smokey" lava

lava everywhere! Uncle and Nephew on the black
the sea side of the lava see that steam way of in the distance, that is lava pouring into the ocean, we will be going around that at night on Wednesday to see it by boat on our way to the other side of the island - Kona side
Bye Bye Graeme, ! thanks for joining us on part of our journey - enjoy civilization!

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Buyer's Remorse said...


I know I was just chatting with you on Facebook but I lost you so wanted to send you my last comment...

Seeing as Mom won't go on the bridge...well if I fall off the bridge you better let someone know I didn't commit suicide and it was all your and the damn banner!! ;)

Love you all and miss soon. I will try and catch you again before I go to Mexico!! Have Fun! :)

Sister/Auntie Dana xoxoxo





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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