Wednesday, June 3, 2009

getting closer and closer to hilo

just a quick update. we are sailing in lovely wind and the sun is out! yesterday we had rain , rain, rain, wind more wind, and confused seas!! that was the ITCZ area but now we are out of it!! looks like if we keep up this speed June 9 evening will be our land fall. we are all looking forward to arriving in Hawaii. one of the boats just a head of us broke their forestay and have jerry rigged it up - also managed to get a hold of the US coast guard just in case they need any assistance. so all is good.
we are madly eating all the frozen meat - last night everyone pigged out on steak! nothing else to say, all are well on board , malachi is just ahead of us by about 1-2 miles . I think we have done our last handwashing forever! its out drying on the line now, and we only did it because we took a ton of water in the galley and head yesterday - so all the towels have been done. I am never handwashing again, I swear I have arthritis in my hands from all the wringing!

take care,

current position

07 37.7N 144 01.3W
6 knots
COG 338T

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SV Hannah said...

Wow, you guys are flying, how's fishing? Wish we could be in Hilo for your arrival. Steve, Tracy and Nolan.





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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