Monday, June 1, 2009

more updates from the sailing vessel orca 3

well we have been making fantastic time! did 153 miles yesterday ! the wind right now is beautiful! about 15-18 knots, very calm seas and we are sailing along at 7 knots- have the hatches open, washed the cockpit from all its salt and doing a cleaning job inside. hardly leaning, and a very pleasant sail! last night on my watch the boat during a squall got to 9.7 knots! but with the calm seas it was fine. did roll the genoa in though and still all night we did 7 knots, if we keep this up we will be in Hilo in 7 days, 17 hrs and 45 minutes!!

Still close to Malachi - enjoying making up songs to tunes we know , just had the shackle on the boom vang bust - loud noise! no biggy , steve has spares and it fixing it now, funny it would go now in this easy sail, glad that it did, makes it easier to fix.

trying desperately to eat all the meat in the freezer as we can not bring it into Hilo - Graeme the protein man is happy about this!

until next time
this will be Orca III charlie foxtrot golf 7565 clear

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!Could you pleeease Yell a

Happy Anniversary

over to Jay and Marg from the Struks okay!???
thanks. Enjoy this leg of the trip to Hawaii!!





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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