Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kauli-Kona to Maui

Me and the kids jumped into the water to swim with the dolphins again!! right in the bay in Kauli-Kona, so cool!
We left Kauli-Kona and headed to the top of the big island , getting ready to cross to Maui. we stayed in Kawaihae Harbor, very excited cause it was so calm and protected, then the wind came up in the middle of the night, 40 knot gusts! we were fine, anchor held well, but still not the best sleep , up checking as we were on the lee of the breakwater.

We had to cross the Alenuihaha Channel which can be a rough one if the trades where blowing, and they were. we had 30 knots of wind ( sometimes gusting to 35) and 14 ft seas. ripped our main sail - this time in the cloth ,so must actually repair it. Steve took it down before we had too much damage. 10 hours later we were anchored. Our original spot was on Molokini Island but is was to rough so we had to keep going.

We arrived in Lahaina this morning and tied to a mooring ball with the Lahaina Yacht club, but where informed the mooring where not in good shape so Steve and Jay went and moved our boat and we are now anchored, thankfully its not windy as the bottom here is not that good of holding. Quite a current and all the sand is eroding away and leaving only lava bottom, not good for anchoring, we had a late lunch at Bubba Gumps - good food and I am still so full!! its is so hot on land!

The girls from Malachi wanted to shop, so my older kids ended up doing that , I found the big banyen tree and hung out there with Emma. Kyle was a little disappointed with the tree, cause the ones in Hilo where so much better to climb. ( and you weren't allowed to climb it anyway) we are back at the boat just chillin - free Internet!

the old fort in Lahaina
the kids on the banyen tree in front of the old court house.
shaved ice time! so hot out. and the 4 children are learning to share!!
Banyen tree -the tree was planted in 1873 and is almost 1/4 mile in circumference -
"Life is like a box of chocolates!" us on Forest Gumps bench! Maya is wearing his shoes!everyone a whole lot happier now that we are anchored! it was a rough crossing!
cleaning up all the lines, the sun is setting and we are relaxing! will sleep well tonight!
sunset at Maui!!

the crows nest is a fun place when at anchor!!
all of us parents have a meal together, the kids are at the other end of the table. nice to eat in a restaurant again!

this is the palace!
Kyle love the banyen trees! and the beach is full of turtles - look close and you will see them
and looking down here is the turtle , just below the sea wall that both Kyle and Emma are on!! lots of them
on the sea wall of Kauli-Kona, we got splashed when the surf came in !!!
this one is for Nathaniel. so when are you doing this triathlon?

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