Saturday, June 13, 2009

Picture time ! Tahiti to Tikihau

thanks to all of you who have been following us!! we have finally been able to post some pictures - also thanks for your comments ! we love to read them, we have been having fun here in Hilo and have lots more pictures for you, enjoy! please be patient, cause the intenet here at the boat is not so good! has been a real pain. lucky day today to be able to post pictures finally! Graeme has left us, flew home last night - we miss him already! thanks Graeme for joining us and all your help. today is a clean the boat and low key day, we have been going and going since we got here. We have to be escorted out and in everytime we want to leave to land . we are in a commercial area - Hilo Port. the security people are great, more later.........

here are some photos from Tahiti to Tikihau, from there we left to Hilo, we had a great time in Tikihau, one of the greenest Tuamotu we have seen! and lots of pretty flowers

the kids! love that Kyle don't ya- what is with boys!!

Dingy rides to land in Tikihau! Malachi and Orca III - the only boats here!
Bakery in Tikihau - last time for the cheap baquettes! good, cause we are getting tired of those!

yep thats Orca III out there between the trees, pretty , eh!?

the Tremblay Duo - Graeme and Steve on land in Tikihau

one of the many , many gorgeous sunsets at sea!

Princess Emma, we all took turns ( girls that is,) wearing the crown and lai, even Malachi had a turn
Graeme and Maya in crows nest under way to Tikihau, Tuamotu

Maya's turn with the flowers!

Dionne the queen in Tahiti!! haha, I bought these flowers cause they are so pretty , we all enjoyed them and they smelled so beautiful. this was from the market in Papeete Tahiti, just before we left for the Tuamotus.


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