Wednesday, July 22, 2009

man are we sailing!

current position is 43 13 N 148 47 W COG 059T speed 7.5 knotts -
cloudy - very rainy this morning, no rain this afternoon but still 100% cloud cover

still wing on wing, wind is behind us. wind speed is 18-20 knots, and we have been surfing the waves at top speed of 9.5!!

at this speed we will be in Victoria July 29 - 6 days and some hours!!

have been catching albacore tuna, kept only one - the other 3 we felt were to small, yesterday morning around 5:30 am I had about 30 dolphins all around the boat during my watch!! jumping and swimming along- loved it!

our radar has been glitching, shutting its self off - Steve changed the fuse , lets hope thats the problem. Saw a freighter today, first one since Hawaii.

everyone is doing well. we have been doing suduko puzzles, word searches and codex's - and of course lots of reading. I finished " the Host" and Twilight - both by Stephany Meyer , I liked " the Host" way better. Steve has been cleaning up the files on the computer. something we really needed to do!!

We have been out of VHF range with Malachi for a few days now. so we check in with each other in the morning and in the evening.

nothing much else, oh ya, we had a baby boobie bird on deck 2 nights ago and now we keep hearing a chirping sound in the main sail. have looked but see no birds.

well thats it for now

hugs from all of us - boy we are getting close now!!!


SV Hannah said...

Glad to see that you will be sailing east out of the building squash zone and into the high. Your so close to home no need to get banged around.

RoShamBo said...

We are so excited to have you back, though, at the same time, disappointed that there will no longer be a Tremblay-family cruising blog to follow.

Doubt we will see you in Vic, but we'll be waiting for you at your next port of call.

Tim, Heather, Lucas, Aidan and Soltice

Anonymous said...

It will be fantastic to have you back safe and sound, but like Heather said, we'll sure miss dreaming through your blog. Glad the winds are cooperating.

We can't wait to see you all!

Jennifer & Pierre





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'Lil' putt putt
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