Thursday, July 23, 2009

we're still sailing, better than did before!

current position is 44* 21'N 145* 15" W COG 066T speed 6.1 knotts - we just slowed down have done 155 nm so far, ( that's in last 22 hrs still have 2 hours to go)
cloudy - very rainy this morning again and all afternoon, still 100% cloud cover

still looking at being in Victoria for July 29 -

all is well, kids and I played the game rummy tiles ( we got that from Dorothy Marie for Xmas) loads of fun!!! like that game.

we have stopped fishing as we are very full!! they kept biting like crazy yesterday and we threw most of them back, we were trying to put the lines away and they kept biting!!!

we are excited that we are almost there!! countdown............5 days 10 hrs 36 minutes to go - that of course is with the current speed, hoping not to slow down too much

we are again in VHF range with Malachi, we caught up last night - they were 20 miles ahead but now only 8 - well done Orca III ! we just kept our speed up last night , nice sail.

tttttttttttttttttttthat's all folks!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I have been following your adventures for 2 years. I got hooked on living through cruisers eyes ever since my friend at work retired with her husband and sold the family house of 30 years, sold or gave away 30 years worth of stuff to their 3 sons and garage sales. Terry has overcome breast cancer. Her family thought they were nuts but soon saw what a wonderful life it is. They are on the Nikki Wikki and the blog is sailingknitter because she knits caps for cancer patients, GI's and orphans. I can not say enoug about her. Now I follow their sailboat along with yours Malachi, Warm Rain, Dorathy Marie, Tin Solder, etc. I really want to sail but my husband said I could sail along California coast and he would drive highway 1! He is afraid of being eaten by sharks.
I wish you all the best and have really enjoyed your travels. I will continue to have my sailboat in my pool. I look forward to more of your travels in the future.

Be safe,
Kim Green





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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