Thursday, July 16, 2009

moving along

current position is 35 38 N 156 13W COG 333T speed 5.3 knotts - we are heading North now to get the winds up at 40* , have been motoring and sailing all over the place....... sick of changing the sails!! genoa in , genoa out, - genoa in, genoa out.

weather is cooler now. but still sunny, seas fairly calm,

just hanging out. Steve has been playing barbies with Emma, making swords and lances and stuff out of wire. Emma loving it. Kyle and Maya have read everything here and re reading books from over 2 years ago ( Bill Bryson) and even my Nora Roberts ones.... Still can't get them to read To Kill a Mocking bird!!

watching lots of movies on the new ipod ! good fun!!

have seen lots of garbage floating by, even a light bulb!! luckily no fish nets , but lots of floats!!

Hey both Malachi and us are craving White Spot burgers!! please someone let us know if there is a White Spot in Victoria and where it is. We all so want to eat there as soon as we arrive!!!! its all about the food you know!!!

the crew of Orca III

this is CFG 7565 - that's Charlie Foxtrot Golf 7565 clear of this station


Your land lubber friend said...

Sent you an email with info on the nearest White Spot Restaurants - must be that beef burger and fries thing you're craving! Then there's the famous triple 'o'sauce...soon, very soon!
Safe travels and throw a few water balloons for me too!

Your land lubber friend said...

My email message didn't go thru from work so here you go for White Spot Restaurants in Victoria:
710 Caledonia Street @ Douglas Street or 1871 Fort Street @ Duchess Street
These were the closest to where you'll be arriving - others were more inland, or close to the airport - doesn't work for sailors!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

hhmmm. maybe someone can even deliver to you at the dock as you arrive???
Sorry we aren't in we can't help.
Enjoy the trip sailing him. The weather here right now is absolutely and sunny.
be blessed on this last leg.
May you continually have wond in your sails (more consistently so you aren't having to switch those sails so frequently.
The Struks
Belcarra , B.C.

Anonymous said...

that's so funny that you are craving white spot!! when I lived in Australia and came home after 2 yrs....that was the first thing I wanted!!! yummmmm.
anne in calgary
hot hot here too.....

Andrew said...

It's 30 degrees in Vancouver today. Man that is hot!

There is a White Spot near the pier in Victoria but I don't recall the street address. I had a New Years breakfast there a few years ago.

See you when you get back!


SV Hannah said...

You guys keep those eyes open for net. Robert and Rose aboard Tillicum spent two days from what I hear cutting net away after they left Hilo. They made it though if you have not got an e-mail from them You tell Kyle that Uncle Steve from Hannah says To Kill a Mocking Bird is one cool book. Wish we were there sailing close by. Hope to come up and see you after you have been back for awhile and get settled in. We went for a great sail today on our Washington State sloop.
Steve, Tracy and Nolan.

Anonymous said...

Fort Street (White Spot)
1871 Fort Street
Victoria, BC
V8R 1K1

Phone: (250) 595-4442
Email: Hours
Mon - Sun 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Take Out: 310 - SPOT (7768) Enjoy!!!
from Eieen Cooe (Gambit)





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