Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sailing ..............

33* 49' N
158* 45' W

Hey all we have been motor sailing for the last 2 days with the odd engine off short sail. winds very light, have had a couple of squalls and went through a cold front. can sure feel the coolness in the air now. We have caught up to Malachi and they are just over a mile ahead of us. We are still making northernly, hoping the westerly winds will show up soon, not looking like they will until the weekend.

have been catching a ton of mahi mahi, so all of you at home can try some. you will love it , its very nice fish! ( not a fishy taste) - we had a great night with Malachi last night . but first the girls on Malachi called us to help with their school work. they are doing a project on being Canadian, so they asked us why we are proud to be Canadian and why we love Canada! what a fun time we had with that! So now I ask you to think of why you are proud to be Canadian!!

Anyway, later in the evening we had a fireworks show, Malachi had some left over from the forth of july celebrations! funs stuff!! ( the fireworks were let of into the water, none went up high in the air) and then we had a water balloon fight!! good fun, we were a fair distance away and it was very calm last night , not to worry!! it was fun. a nice way to break up the boredom ..................

today I made homemade pizza and some fantastic brownies, I must say the brownies were the best one yet!! very chewy and moist.... yum yum!! these small things are big on a passage!!

all are doing well, we have all watched the movie Spirit Bear and are homesick for BC - you must watch this movie, its a true story taking place in BC to do with the white spirit bears on Princess Royal Island...............

hugs, see you soon!

the Tremblays or Orca III

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Your land lubber friend said...

Hard to believe your trip is almost over...
Orca III is still sailing the ocean blue,
Heading for home with a very anxious crew;
The color of the water is now turning grey,
Seems bright, blue waters are behind them,
With each passing new day;
Almost two years gone by and they've done it all,
Tons of adventure & learning, they've been having a ball;
Once they are home, there'll be adjustments I'm sure,
But this crew has what it takes,
To find a loving cure;
You'll be welcomed home with hugs galore,
Your stories provding much laughter,
until we are all sore!
Safe travels on the last leg of your journey!!!





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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