Sunday, May 31, 2009

crossing the line

Its been a long hard sail most of the time,
We've had enough squalls to last us a life time,
With Malachi leading we're not far behind,
together at 1 am May 31
we crossed the line!

there were strobe lights flashing on the line,
even lasers looking mighty fine,
Steve sounds our siren , almost blue my mind!
together at 1 am
we crossed the line

it was Graeme's first time at 00' 00"
it was Malachi and Orca's second - aren't we the heros
Its great to be North again!
together a 1 am we crossed the line

Hey you all, not far to Hilo now!! its your turn!

Dionne and the rest of Orca III

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Your land lubber friend said...

Orca III has been sailing the ocean blue,
With a crew now of 6, plenty of cooking & laundry to do,
The waves are big - they bop to and fro,
Makes it hard to transfer tuna with one quick throw,
Everyone's tired and the days are so long,
Can't wait to hit Hilo and learn a Hawaiian song,
Almost two years of travel and its flown by so fast,
You will be welcomed home with hugs amass!
Smooth sailing and more fun for the rest of your trip,
Remember Orca III, it took a crew like you to be this hip!
Love you all, Heather





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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